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Amazon Kendall Technical Details

Amazon Kendall Technical Details:

Amazon Kendall Display – 6 inch electronic paper disply (E-Ink). 600 by 800 resolution & four level grey-scale.

Amazon Kendall Size (inches) – 7.5 inchs by 5.3 inches by 0.7 inches

Amazon Kendall Weight – 10.3 oz

for more info on the amazon kendall visit: amazon

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Amazon Kendall Size

The amazon kendall size is just perfect. It feels perfect while holding it for long periods of time (which tends to happen when you read books 🙂 ) Below i break down the different amazon kendall’s dimensions.

Amazon Kendall Display: 6 inches diagonally. Exclusive electronics paper display. 600×800 pixel resolution.

Amazon Kendall Size: 7.5 Inches x 5.3 inches x 0.7 inches

Amazon Kendall Weight: 10.3 oz

There you have it, the size specs on the revolutionary Amazon Kendall.

Click here to buy the amazon kendall.

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Where to buy the amazon kendall

The Amazon Kendall is the most advanced e-book reader ever. There is only one place to buy the Amazon Kendall, and that is from the amazon.com superstore. I already buy everything i can from Amazon – but this e-book reader is by far my favorite purchase.

To buy the Kendall, click here.

Browse the site for more info on the Amazon Kendall

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