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Amazon Kendall 2 – Listed “In Stock”, Now Shipping

The amazon kendall 2 is now listed as in stock on amazon.com.

Kendall 2 now shipping

Kendall 2 now shipping

This is very exciting and i cant wait to get my new Amazon Kendall 2. If you are an amazon prime member, you can get the new amazon kendal 2 overnight-ed to you for a total shipping cost of $3.99!!! That’s an awesome deal – and just shows how amazon is the prefect site to be pushing home made products. Heck, they are the “Internet Superstore”!

Here is a quick run down of the some of the new goodies found on the amazon kendall 2.

crazy slim – just over a 1/3 of an inch

lightweight – approx 10 oz.

wireless – 3G wireless connection, lets you take full advantage of all the kendall’s potential.

download – download books in under a minute.

battery – much longer battery life than the original amazon kendall

Space – every more storage to take over 1500 books with you where ever you might go.

page turns – amazon kendall 2 pages turn 20 percent faster than the amazon kendall 1

Text to speech – with the new “read-to-me” function, your amazon kendall can read you a kendall book, kendall blog, kendall magazine, kendall newspaper out loud to you.

Cheaper book prices – most Ny times best sellers and new releases go for a very affordable price of $9.99 (only for the amazon kendall).

So, thats the quick wrap up — as soon as i get my amazon kendall 2, i will post pictures & my comments on the all new amazon kendall 2.

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Amazon Kendall 2 – Oh WOW!

It is finally here, the Amazon Kendall 2. You can pre order it today from amazon. This is an amazon amazon electronic book reader, its everything we love from the amazon kendall 1 BUT EVEN BETTER with the Amazon Kendall 2. Jump over to amazon to check out all the juicy details on the the Amazon 2 Kendall.

Here is a are some pictures of the new Amazon Kendall 2:

Here are the features amazon is touting with the new amazon kendall 2.

– Very very slim – abt 1/3 of an inch!

– Light as a feather – only 10.2 oz!

– Always connected – 3G Always on connection!

-Speed.  Download books in under 60 sec!

– Much improved screen / display. Reads more like real paper!

– Battery 25% longer than org kendall

– More Space. can hold over 1500 books!

– Pages turn faster!

– New Text to speech feature – the new kendall 2 CAN READ TO YOU!!!

– Crazy big selection – over 230,000 books currently available.

Check back soon for more news, info & pics of the new Amazon Kendall 2!

click here to buy the amazon kendall 2 today

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