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3 responses to “About

  1. Harry James

    I am currently using the Sony 700. I switched from the CyBook Gen 3 (and the Bookeen with wi-fi before that). My main issue with all of these readers is what (and how many) file formats they can read. I have to “convert” all of my secure & normal Mobipocket files before I can load them to my Sony. My question is, can this Kendall read all of the file formats (for the Cybook Gen 3 & Sony 700 I am currently using – I’ve already got several thousand books for these readers in various formats)? I like the screen size and the wi-fi capability but I will not give up any my existing library.



  2. I want to know in which countries the Kendall 2 works?

  3. We publish a monthly 12-16 page newsletter in a PDF format. One of our client’s suggested that we look into putting it on Kendall Books so others may purchase it. How do I find out more info about if that’s possible, cost, pros and cons.

    I don’t know anything about Kendall Books.

    Thanks so very much.
    Phone 303.741.1000

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